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Dunes Tours

Dunes Tours(D-T): is a local travel agency and desert camp for Moroccan tourism, leisure, and adventure. we are based in the south of Morocco in the region of Errachidia, ideal for travel to the Sahara desert of Merzouga, adventures in the magnificent Atlas Mountains, and located between the beautiful cities of Marrakech and Fez.

Our goal is to show you the authentic and traditional Moroccan life group. We are local guides from local families. When we were kids, we used to play in the old forts that have become landmarks today, so you can be assured of a true insight into the life of the country. We have since learned the full story behind them and serve as a comprehensive encyclopedia of all local areas.

We are proud of the heritage and enjoy sharing our knowledge with people like you who show interest, ensuring a professional service that we acted as guides and love what we do. We organize customized trips through Morocco using 4×4 vehicles and modern minibuses. Our bivouac of nomad tents come with excursions by camel in the desert with local experts trek guides for comfortable living experience nomads.

We offer cultural tours of the population mythical places that showcase the true reflection of morocco, explore the mysteries of its mix of wealth by including you in our society to visit family airs on the spot … It’s history, culture, beauty and hospitality …!

Each trip we run across Morocco’s almost always different. This is because we are responding to romantic couples and large groups. We cater for journeys of just a couple of days and longer trips too. Whether you want to explore the north with its historic imperial cities and Atlantic coasts, or to the magic of the south crossing the Atlas Mountains with its stunning valleys, vast desert, and Oasis … etc.

You need to know that we take very seriously your memories and comfort while staying in the atmosphere and authenticity of the regions. We invite you to realize your dream of traveling around the country … and we welcome you to our wonderful country of Morocco, the country of diverse cultures and colors… So Welcome!